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Safety Training

Before performing work at the CNM, you must take certain safety training courses. We encourage you to take these courses remotely before you arrive at Argonne. 

  1. Go to the Remote Training web site.
  2. Enter your Argonne badge number.
  3. Locate the "CNM Facilitiy Core Courses" section and follow the links to the courses.

For your information, the CNM core courses are:

  • CNM 101: Center for Nanoscale Materials User Orientation (2-year training interval)
  • ESH 100U: Argonne National Laboratory User Facility Orientation (2-year training interval)
  • ESH 223U: Cybersecurity Annual Education and Awareness (1-year training interval)
  • ESH 590: Engineered Nanomaterials Orientation (one-time course)

Note: Users who will not visit CNM in person ("remote users") need take only one course: ESH 223U: Cybersecurity Annual Education and Awareness.

If you need assistance, please contact the User Office.

Additional Information

Remote Training SIte

Safety at CNM: Quick Reference and Emergency Contacts


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