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X-Ray Microscopy

Group Leader: Ian McNulty


Exploit the unique capabilities of hard X-ray microscopy to visualize and understand the structure and behavior of hybrid, energy-related, and tailored nanomaterials.


The Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe, located at Sector 26 of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) and operated by our group and APS, is the only dedicated X-ray microscopy beamline within the portfolios of the nation's five Nanoscale Science Research Centers. Our scientific program seeks to understand fundamental processes driving energy transport and transduction in complex nanomaterials and to discover and quantify new electronic, magnetic, and phonon functionalities at the nanoscale. This highly collaborative research program is driven by the scientific interests of both our users and our staff.

The research thrusts of the X-ray Microscopy Group include:

  • Nanoscale critical phenomena at phase transitions
  • New nanomaterials for energy science
  • Nanoscale magnetic ordering and interactions
  • Ultrathin and ultradilute systems

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X-Ray Microscopy


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