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Nanofabrication & Devices Staff

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Daniel Lopez, Group Leader
Phone: 630.252.3419, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., Instituto Balseiro, Bariloche, Argentina
  • Nano and micro electro mechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS) for high-impact applications in science and technology, spatial light modulators for use in medical instrumentation, X-ray manipulation nanomanufacturing and optical communications; nonlinear dynamics of nanoscale devices

Diana Berman, Postdoc (Supervisor, Anirudha Sumant)
Phone: 630.252.1472, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Changyao Chen, Director's Postdoctoral Fellow (Supervisor, Dave Czaplewski)
Phone: 630.252.1059, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

David Czaplewski, Assistant Scientist
Phone: 630.252.3258, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., Cornell University
  • Research interests include the design, layout, fabrication,and testing of micromechanical and nanomechanical devices; characterization of the materials properties of devices at this scale; characterization of the catalytic behavior, mechanical, and environmental interaction at the interface between two metal-contacting surfaces; and developing novel methods to realize nanoscale devices for use as sensors and actuators.

Ralu Divan, Chemist
Phone: 630.252.0146, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Research interests are in the lithographic properties and chemistry of materials, characterizing interfacial and compatibility properties of materials used in MEMS and NEMS, nanogels, and metal nanoparticles synthesis.

Il Woong Jung, Assistant Scientist
Phone: 630.252.4807, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., Stanford University
  • Research interests are in photonic applications for micro- and nano-mechanical devices.

Valentina Kutepova, Cleanroom Manager
Phone: 630.252.4290, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., Moscow Tech University, Russia
  • 30 years experience in research and professional engineering development in the field of advanced technologies for thin-film growth and microelectronic devices fabrication and characterization. Numerous innovations in both materials and devices development, and utilization of research results.

Suzanne Miller, Engineering Specialist Senior
Phone: 630.252.6790, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Leo Ocola, Physicist
Phone: 630.252.6613, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Novel nanofabrication techniques, micro- and nanofluidics, plasmonic optical devices, transparent capacitors, templated self-assembly, NEMS, electron-matter interactions, single molecule spectroscopy

Alyssa Pasquale, Postdoc (Supervisor, Daniel Lopez)
Phone: 630.252.4515, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Liliana Stan, Engineering Specialist Senior
Phone: 630.252.2184, Fax: 630.252.4646, E-mail:

Anirudha Sumant, Scientist
Phone: 630.252.4854, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., University of Pune, India
  • Research interests include nucleation and growth mechanism of nanocarbon materials, electronic and mechanical properties, issues related to surface and interfaces in MEMS and NEMS devices. Present work includes development of novel nanocarbon heterostructures for energy efficient NEMS and nanoelectronic devices.

Kathryn (Katie) Tietz, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 630.252.4958, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

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