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Andreas Roelofs, Interim Division Director and Industrial Relations Liaison
Phone: 630.252.2504, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

  • Dr. rer. nat., RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • Research interests include ferroic thin films and nanoparticles as well as dielectric thin films exhibiting resistivity-switching properties; development of micro-machined-electro-mechanical devices actuated by piezoelectric thin films (piezo-MEMS); and development and enhancement of scanning probe microscopy techniques applicable to nanomaterials.
  • 10 U.S. patents, 6 patent applications pending; authored or coauthored over 30 scientific journal articles, proceedings, and book chapters.

Deborah O'Rourke, Assistant Division Director
Phone: 630.252.3810, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

Sam Bader, Chief Scientist
Phone: 630.252.4960, Fax: 630.252.5219, E-mail:

  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
  • Argonne Distinguished Fellow
  • Application of nanotechnology to create novel permanent magnets (spring magnets); exploration of laterally confined nanomagnets; development of magnetic electronics; bio-inspired self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures; magnetic surfaces, films, wedges and superlattices, including hybrid structures, such as novel ferromagnetic-superconducting multilayers; giant magnetoresistance and exchange-coupled magnetic multilayers; colossal magnetoresistance in naturally layered manganites

Rachel Mirelez, Secretary to the Associate Director
Phone: 630.252.4651, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

Laurie Eichberger, Executive Secretary
Phone: 630.252.7570, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

Kathy Vanoskey, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 630.252.4106, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

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