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UChicago Awards to CNM-University Collaborators

Eight pairs of University and Argonne National Laboratory researchers received $600,000, collectively, in Strategic Collaborative Initiative (SCI) seed grants from the University following a rigorous competition managed by Argonne and the University.

The FY 2012 recipients from CNM include:

  • "Chain Conformation, Aggregation, and Miscibility in Polymer: Fullerene Blends for Photovoltaics"
    University of Chicago: Luping Yu, Professor of Chemistry
    CNM: Seth Darling, Scientist, Electronic & Magnetic Materials & Devices Group
  • "Spectroscopic Studies of Nanocrystal Assemblies Linked by Molecular Metal Chalcogenide Zintl Ions"
    University of Chicago: Dmitri Talapin, Associate Professor of Chemistry/CNM Joint Appointment, NanoBio Interfaces Group
    CNM: Richard Schaller, Scientist, Nanophotonics Group
  • "Very Low Pressure Desalination with Ultrathin Nanoparticle Membranes"
    University of Chicago: Heinrich Jaeger, Professor, James Franck Institute, Physics
    Argonne: Xiao-Min Lin, Scientist, Electronic & Magnetic Materials & Devices Group and Seth Snyder, Section Leader, Process Technology Research

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