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Medical applications of diamond particles and surfaces

TEM image of nanodiamond particles

TEM image of nanodiamond particles

Scientists in the Nanofabrication & Devices Group together with users from the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University have written an invited review article describing recent advances using nanodiamond particles and diamond thin films for biomedical applications.

Diamond has unique mechanical, chemical, optical, and bio-compatible properties. Methods for preparing synthetic diamond surfaces and particles are described in this paper. In addition, recent developments involving the use of diamond in prosthetics, sensing, imaging, and drug delivery promise significant improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions over the coming years. These developments suggest that diamonds may soon have greater impact in human health care.

R.J. Narayan et al., "Medical applications of diamond particles and surfaces, " Materials Today, 14, 154 (2011).

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May 2011

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