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Graduate students to gather at Argonne

Graduate students from across the nation will come to Argonne August 8-10, 2010, for a symposium that will also be attended by a number of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) officials.

Each year, Argonne hosts a symposium where graduate students come to Argonne to learn more about the science and research performed at the laboratory and throughout the DOE system.

Argonne has recruited graduate and undergraduate students since the Manhattan Project. By teaching, inspiring and motivating the next generation scientists, Argonne is taking an active part in preparing and mentoring our future.

This year there is a special twist: 150 of the brightest graduate students are receiving DOE Graduate Fellowships. This first-ever program will foster the education of these up-and-coming scientists and familiarize them with the work of Argonne and DOE.

“These students will be at the top of their respective fields in the years to come,” said Harold Myron, director of Argonne’s Division of Educational Programs. “Argonne and DOE are trying to expose them to the research we do, so they come to work for us and the DOE, either to perform thesis research or post-doctoral work.”

The students were selected from more than 10,000 across the nation to receive a generous stipend, tuition reimbursement and DOE support.

The symposium will feature discussion, speakers and a tour of the laboratory. Students will arrive on Saturday, Aug. 7, and settle in. Eric Isaacs will lead the opening remarks along with William Brinkman, director of the Office of Science on Monday, Aug. 9.

Mark Peters, Argonne’s deputy director for programs, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to develop and mentor these young graduate students at a pivotal point in their education.”

The students will then tour the Advanced Photon Source, the Argonne Leadership Computer Facility, the Center for Nanoscale Materials, the Electron Microscopy Center, the Transportation Research Center, the Physics Divisions Atom Trap Laboratory and the Fermi National Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. They also will take part in talks from Argonne’s leading scientists. The symposium will wrap up Aug. 10.

“Programs like this one are vitally important to the health of the scientific enterprise,” said Argonne Director Eric Isaacs. “They help keep our future strong by attracting the best and brightest young minds into scientific careers.”

Guests from the Office of Science will include Brinkman; Patricia M. Dehmer, deputy director for science programs; John Steve Binkley, senior advisor to the director, Office of the Deputy Director for Resource Management; Julie A. Carruthers, physical scientist/senior science and technology advisor, Office of the Deputy Director for Science Programs; William Valdez, associate director, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists; Timothy Hallman, associate director, Office of Nuclear Physics; Barbara Helland, senior advisor, Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research; John T. Boger, physicist/program manager, Office of High Energy Physics; Altaf H. Carim, physical scientist/scientific user facilities division, Office of Basic Energy Sciences; Ping Ge, general engineer, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists; Raquel Gonzalez, special assistant to the director, Office of the Director; Eric Jewett, Office of Scientific and Technical Information; Stacy Kish, communications specialist, Office of Communications; and Prem Srivastava, physical scientist/program manager, Office of Biological and Environmental Research.

August 2010

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