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Award for "Ultrafast Imaging of Solar Energy Flow" Study

AFM images of natural bacterial photosynthetic chromatophore membranes

AFM images of natural bacterial photosynthetic chromatophore membranes.

Dr. Libai Huang, an Argonne postdoctoral researcher jointly supervised by CNM's Nanophotonics Group and Argonne Chemical Sciences and Engineering's (CSE's) Photosynthesis Group, presented her poster, "Ultrafast Imaging of Solar Energy Flow in Photosynthesis," at the Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis at Mount Holyoke College, June 22-27. The conference focused on frontier research in photosynthesis and bioenergy. Huang won a Young Investigator Award for the best poster from a young investigator and was invited to speak at the conference. The research is a collaboration between Huang and Gary P. Wiederrecht (CNM), Nina Ponomarenko (University of Chicago), and Lisa Utschig and David M. Tiede (CSE); this unique interaction enables new breakthroughs at the interfaces of bio- and nanoscience by merging the specialist capabilities of these two groups.


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