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APS/CNM/EMC Users Meeting: May 6-9, 2013

CNM-Specific Events

CNM Plenary Session

  • Keynote Speaker: Paul Nealey
    Brady W. Dougan Professor in Molecular Engineering
    University of Chicago
    "Directed Assembly of Nanoscale Materials"
  • Junhong Chen
    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
    "Nanocarbon-Based Gas Sensors"
  • Chad Folkman
    Materials Science Division
    Argonne National Laboratory
    "Catalysis and Electronic Structure of Complex Epitaxial Oxide Thin Films Studied by in situ X-Ray Scattering and Cross-Sectional STM"
  • Greg Wurtz
    Experimental Biophysics & Nanotechnology Group
    King's College London
    "Ultrafast Dynamics and Spectral Behavior of Nanorod-Based Plasmonic Metamaterials and Their Excitonic Hybrids"
  • Sanja Tepavcevic
    Center for Nanoscale Materials
    Argonne National Laboratory
    "Nanoarchitectures for Batteries Beyond Lithium"
  • Invited Student Talk
    Daniel Hannah
    Northwestern University
    "Optical and Structural Properties of Silicon Nanoparticles at High Pressures"

Thematic Workshops

CNM Workshop

Industrial Workshop

Short Courses

  • Confocal Raman Microscopy
    Organizer: Dave Gosztola
  • Modeling and Simulation of Nanofabrication Processes
    Organizer: Ralu Divan
  • Using the Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe
    Organizer: Martin Holt
  • High-Performance Computing Techniques for Materials Modeling and Nanophotonics
    Organizer: Michael Sternberg

Poster Session

CNM Best Student Poster Prize awarded to Mark Huntington, Northwestern University, for "Nanomanufacturing for Plasmonic and Photonic Crystals" by Mark Huntington, Alexander Hryn, and Teri Odom

Vendor Expo

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